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DaySpring Inspirational DayBrighteners are undated flip calendars, packed with 366 pages of daily wisdom, affirmations and Scriptures just for you. You'll be encouraged every day of the year.

Imagine if a word like joy or worship or release seeped into your life for seven days straight? If you quit worrying about where you fall short and aspired instead to one good change per week? With 366 biblical, mind-renewing thoughts and Scriptures, Cleere Cherry Reaves challenges you to exactly this type of transformation - a challenge she accepted herself not so long ago. You don't have to lose another day to distraction! Focus can thoughtfully attune your life, your work, your errands, and conversations toward the people you love and toward the One who calls you deeper.

Every seven days is devoted to a single word for you to go deeper with:
Day 1 highlights a scripture that articulates what Jesus says about it
Day 2 provides a Focus Tip for the week, suggesting how you might activate the word in your daily life
Days 3-6 allow you to lean in and learn what the word means and how it affects your world
Day 7 offers a final thought, plus a Prayer to remind your soul who's in charge

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