Moving Forward After Divorce 7643

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Here's hope and healing --- packed with true-life stories from other divorced adults. Dr. David and Lisa Frisbie, "America's Remarriage Experts" show you how to get un-stuck from harmful emotions, and begin the process of moving forward. Working as Executive Directors of The Center for Marriage & Family Studies in Del Mar, California, David and Lisa have specialized in the post-divorce family and its many challenges. This book takes a readable, informative look at how to:

  • heal from feelings of anger and abandonment
  • discover the sufficiency of God
  • develop new interests, dreams, and skills
  • raise healthy kids alone or as a co-parent
  • manage money (or the lack of it)
  • deal with difficult ex-partners
  • maintain your own sanity in the process!

This excellent resource provides great help for those with children and will guide any divorced reader to see the hope of a second chance as they learn to depend on God's grace, sufficiency, and promises.

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