Going spiritual Practices 0197

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It’s never been easier to teach the spiritual disciplines from the Bible in a highly visual way, featuring charts, illustrations, interactive questions, and more!

Going: Spiritual Practices covers topics such as worship, service, Bible study, spiritual gifts, and spiritual disciplines, equipping Christians with the tools they need to go disciple others.

5 Key Features of Going: Spiritual Practices (Rose Discipleship Series)

  1. Highly Visual: Unlike most discipleship tools, these Rose discipleship guide books are packed with charts, illustrations, and bullet lists to absorb information at a glance
  2. Affordable: Buy multiple copies for your small groups, disciples, or church
  3. Easy to Carry: The compact size allows you to easily pack and carry it in your purse, Bible case, backpack, etc.
  4. Workbook Format: From fill-in-the-blanks to discussion questions, enjoy having an interactive discipleship experience
  5. Anyone Can Lead: Includes a helpful leader guide that requires no experience

Perfect for:

  • Churches
  • Bible studies
  • Discipleship groups
  • New believers
  • Youth & college groups
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