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This is the story of how one of the world's most famous atheists became one of its most famous Christians.


From Atheism to Christianity: The Story of C. S. Lewis is the spiritual homecoming story of Clive Staples Lewis, a careful and thoughtful scholar who spent fifteen years journeying the long road from atheism to theism and, eventually, to Christianity. Drawing from Lewis's own writings, as well as those he sought out during his quest for spiritual understanding, From Atheism to Christianity highlights the longing, reluctance, searching, and surrender that defined these years of Lewis's life and provides answers to the questions that surround this profound character:



    • What attracted Lewis to atheism and eventually Christianity? 


    • How did he leave atheism behind?


    • Why did his journey take fifteen years? 


    • Who influenced his thought during those years? 


    • What authors did he read, and whom did he interact with and confide in?



Explore the most tumultuous and defining years of C. S. Lewis's life, gathering clues that reveal the meaning of life for contemporary atheists and theists all from the perspective of one who knew both atheism and Christianity from the inside.


Remember, I had always wanted, above all things, not to be interfered with. I had wanted (mad wish) to call my soul my own. C. S. Lewis 

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