Parent Roundtable

Order before October 21, and receive a 20% discount.  Books will be available the evening of the conference.

A two-hour read to build a stronger relationship with a kid or teenager.

Whether you're a parent, youth leader, teacher, or caring adult, not knowing how to help those dealing with difficult emotions can leave you feeling intimidated, powerless, and discouraged. It can feel scary.

But we want you to know there is hope.

In this book, Will and Dr. Chinwé will help you...

    • Understand how the brain works when someone is in despair
    • Learn why some of the things you'd think would help sometimes make matters worse
    • Discover simple yet powerful tools you can use every day to connect with a kid or teenager to help them heal


A beautiful convergence of faith and psychology, Seen is a quick read that uses both clinical research and real life stories to give you--and the kids you love--hope.