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While we don’t consciously choose a less-than-life, it happens. Little by little, we start putting down roots in a land of less than: less than satisfying, less than interesting, less than helpful, and certainly less than hopeful. Before we know it our faith is lukewarm, apathetic, bland. Consider this an invitation to a different way of thinking, of seeing the world, of living in the world. But here’s your warning: It will be a little unsettling. When we’ve settled into the safe and mediocre, pulling away from the status quo is inherently unsettling.

For those who want to know that their life has significance, that their choices matter, and that they can start a chain reaction in our world … this missional book is for you. Never Settle is a tangible reminder that every choice in your day is crackling with God’s redemptive power – you, yes you, are called to be a part of what God is doing in the world. Don’t settle for a lukewarm Christian life. Never Settle: Choices, Chain Reactions, and the Way Out of Lukewarminess explores a familiar passage in Revelation 3 where Jesus is warning the church in Laodicea. What offends Jesus so much? When those who call themselves Christian decide to play it safe and compromise – when we settle for lukewarminess.

Greg Holder, from The Genius of OneAdvent Conspiracy, and The Voice Bible, reminds us of the call to never settle by sharing the way out of lukewarminess, helping us see how our everyday decisions, habits, and relationships have incredible potential for world-changing, redemptive impact. Winsome, challenging, and practical, Holder offers a fresh vision for the Church: to be soothingly hot and thirst-quenchingly cold. To boldly follow Jesus into the world dripping with Christian compassion.

The way out of lukewarminess starts now. The first step to take will be to break camp, pull up stakes, and refuse to settle any longer. Let’s go.

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