Visual Bible Verse Devotional 8418

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Enjoy teaching kids how to plant God's Word deep in their hearts using pictures in a fun and easy way! Studies show 65% of kids are visual learners so why not teach memory verses with pictures?

Visual Bible Verse Devotions is a colorful and fun book that offers children ages 5-10 a valuable way to learn Scripture and hold it close in their hearts and minds.

Each of the 52 chapters features a Bible verse that is illustrated in pictures. This visual reinforcement helps children recognize and remember key words such as God, Spirit, Holy, Love, Heart, Eyes, Mouth, etc. Chapters also include true-to-life stories that relate to each verse as well as questions that prompt thought and discussion.

Each week's devotionals contains the following:

  • Day 1 - Key memory verse presented with relatable story
  • Day 2 - Related Bible story to look up and read, reflection questions, a call to action, and a prayer
  • Day 3 - Visual Bible verse activity
  • Day 4 - Relatable story to help the children apply the verse
  • Day 5 - Bible story reference, reflection questions, practical application, and prayer
  • Day 6 - Visual Bible Verse activity
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