When a Loved one is Addicted 9880

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Practical advice, trusted research, plus definitions, causes, and solutions to helping a loved one recover from addiction.
You can be free of the harmful effects of a loved one’s addiction! Dr. Gregory Jantz believes every person can find a unique pathway through powerlessness, fear, guilt, shame, and despair back into the light and fresh air of freedom because God is the Great Healer, for whom anything is possible.

Discover ways to:

  • Recognize the difference between compassion and codependence
  • Identify signs and symptoms of addictions, as well as types of addictions
  • Make your own health and wellbeing a priority
  • Stop enabling your loved one’s addiction
  • Set boundaries and stick to them
  • Hold a positive, productive intervention
  • Find the right kind of treatment program
  • Support your loved one in treatment and beyond

By grounding yourself in a clear understanding of what addiction is, how and why it takes hold in someone’s life, and how to protect yourself while maintaining your love for them, you’ll be far better equipped to offer appropriate help. This book will help you gain the awareness you need to move forward in truth and grace, to succeed at what you can do: love the addict unconditionally and be a positive presence in their life, guided by healthy boundaries that protect everyone.

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